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    If you want to feel like a valued person and not just a number when it comes to customer service; then take a look at how you approach your own marketing. With so many changes in the world of marketing, the big question remains “How do I keep my customers happy?” It’s not by offering them endless special offers and promotions!

    It’s all about staying in touch, reminding them you are there and why they love and trust your service or products. Communication can and should be through various forms including email, social media and text. Remember the 80:20 rule, 80% conversation, 20% sales.

    4 reasons why retaining customers rocks

    1. Happy customers make repeat purchases

    Of course they do. Why would they waste time looking elsewhere when they are happy with the service or products you provide?

    2. It’s cost-effective, and time effective – and we all want to save time

    You know all of that energy you have to spend on selling to a new customer? Attracting their attention, explaining what you offer, overcoming barriers to purchase; it takes time and money. With existing customers those time-consuming processes are already complete. Your customer knows who you are, what you stand for and what you sell.

    3. The lifetime value of your customers increases

    I’m guessing that you want your business to be around this time next year right? Perhaps even to be thriving. To achieve that you need repeat business. It’s all well and good constantly chasing your next big sale, but a customer who spends £100 every six months with you is worth more than someone who spends £250 once and then never comes back. Yes you need to make money today, but don’t forget about making money tomorrow.

    4. You build your raving fans and raving fans love talking

    When you keep your customers happy, they keep purchasing. When they keep purchasing, they become loyal to your business. You build a community, a fan-base that feels deeply engaged with you and will sing your name to their friends, family, and social networks. People like recommendations and who better to do that for you than a happy customer. So, not only are these heroes giving you regular income, they are helping with your marketing too – for free.

    Need some help? Don’t have enough time? Contact us for email marketing support, social media management and Text marketing. We don’t charge for a chat, we can talk about marketing all day!